I am an Assistant Professor of Philosophy in the School of Philosophy, University College, Dublin. In UCD, I teach (or have taught) critical thinking; intro to ethics; epistemology; metaphysics; philosophy of religion; and philosophy of time.

My course Animated Philosophy involves the creation by teams of students of animated online ‘explainer’ videos; see here

I am Director of the UCD Newman Centre for the Study of Religions and Co-Director with Alison Fernandes (Trinity College, Dublin) of the Irish Society for the Philosophy of Time .

My research is primarily in the philosophy of time, but also strays into modal metaphysics. I defend the view that truth is temporary and existence is eternal.

I received a B.Phil. (2010, Exeter College) and D.Phil (2014, St. Hilda’s College) in Philosophy from the University of Oxford. My D.Phil. supervisors were Cian Dorr (NYU) and John Hawthorne (USC) and my examiners were Timothy Williamson (Oxford) and Dean Zimmerman (Rutgers). I worked as a Stipendiary Lecturer in Philosophy at Magdalen College, University of Oxford in 2014-15.

My e-mail address is daniel[dot]deasy[at]ucd[dot]ie. My pronouns are he/him.