book reviews

  • Review of Ross Cameron: The Moving Spotlight Theory: An Essay on Time and Ontology. The Journal of Philosophy, 2016. [published version] 

under review/in progress

  • A paper on actualism 
  • A paper on modal realism 
  • A paper on timelessness 
  • A book on propositional temporalism

doctoral thesis


  • Propositional temporalism. Meeting of the International Association for the Philosophy of Time, Barcelona, 2022.
  • Presentism and times as propositions. University of Southampton, 2021. 
  • Presentism and times as propositions (with Luca Banfi). University of Tübingen, 2020.
  • A-theories, post-Prior. University of Nottingham, 2019.
  • Problems for existence presentism. National University of Ireland, Dublin, 2019.
  • Skow on robust passage. University of Bonn, 2018.
  • Moving Spotlight Theories. University of Durham, 2017.
  • Classic MST. University of Milan, 2017.
  • Change on the b-theory. University of Oxford, 2017.
  • Advanced temporalising. University of Hamburg, 2016.
  • The stuck spotlight. University of Bonn, 2016.
  • Real change. Trinity College, Dublin, 2016.
  • Past particulars. University of Bonn, 2016. 
  • The presentism/eternalism debate. 99th Meeting of the Irish Philosophical Club, 2016.
  • New developments in temporal metaphysics. University of Bonn, 2015.
  • Advanced temporalising. Trinity College, Dublin, 2015.
  • Talking about the non-existent past. University College Cork, 2015.
  • Could I have been a turnip? Magdalen College School, Oxford, 2014.

public engagement